Optimizing stand-, gate- and bus planning for Brussels Airport

With nearly 2 million passengers Brussels Airport is one of the largest airports in Europe and the main airport in Belgium. Brussels airport connects the capital of Europe to 238 destinations around the globe, served by 76 airlines.

Due to the ever-growing operational morning peak at Brussels Airport, not all aircrafts can be handles at a gate with boarding bridge. To improve its customer experience, Brussels Airport is upgrading its bussing services. Over 30 (electric) busses are therefore being used daily too transport passengers between the 110 gates and 170 aircrafts stands, making it a crucial process in the daily operations.

Next to making a big investment in brand-new-full-electric- busses, the airport has asked Ordina to implement a state-of-the-art bus planning and optimization solution to make sure the busses are being deployed as efficiently as possible (minimizing distances travelled and the number of drivers required). This new solution required a major upgrade of the existing Stand & Gate planning solution, and a tight integration with Airport IT systems and mobile communication with the busses. This solution leads to improved punctuality, improved passenger bussing experience and a decreased environmental impact.