Plantentuin Meise

User Research

Meise Botanical Garden is a botanical garden as well as a research institute, subsidised by the Flemish Government. Tropical and European botany are central. Research programmes are aimed at preserving as many plants as possible for the future. Within the framework of the DOE project (Digital Disclosure of Heritage Collections), the demand arose to digitise information about more than 2.5 million plants and share it with the rest of the world. Every plant is accompanied by physical, historical and ecological information. Information must be available efficiently and speed up the work of researchers.
Clockwork laid the foundation for a user-friendly solution that enables researchers to find information quickly and easily, depending on their needs. Several interactive workshops with botanical scientists provided insight into how they search for, interpret, link and validate information.
The user-research workshops were processed into an academic paper for scientific institutes. The paper contains both best practices and avoidable pitfalls. In short, a basis for smart digitisation.