The digital prevention platform of the future

As the legally recognised external prevention service of the HR service group ADMB, Provikmo currently supports 34,000 organisations in setting up a sustainable welfare policy. Provikmo monitors and improves the well-being of its customers through prevention and protection.

An open, flexible and efficient service tailored to the needs of the customer?

After a thorough analysis of the needs of Provikmo’s customers and employees in 2016, the plan grew into a central, digital platform. This makes it easy for customers to manage their welfare policies. The instrument was named ‘Prevention Platform’.

Design Thinking

Together with Ordina, Provikmo started a project for digital transformation. An innovative digital concept with which Provikmo makes a difference in the field of prevention. Thanks to the refreshing approach (Design Thinking) of Clockwork, Ordina’s service design agency, the idea was made tangible.

Strategic workshops, user research, conflict analysis, co-creation, conceptual design, business & pricing model workshops, business validation, prototyping, user testing, business validation, change & communication, … formed the basis.
After all, understanding what the customer really wants is crucial in order to build the right solution.

Devops, Microservices

Jworks, Ordina’s Java unit built a state-of-the-art platform according to the rules of the art. A flexible and user-friendly application based on Devops, Microservices & Atomic Design.


The knowledge transfer aspect was not lost sight of either. Documentation and training of Provikmo employees ensure that the platform can be further expanded and is future-proof.

“Together with Clockwork, we really made an interesting idea concrete. Thanks to their professional and innovative approach, we have succeeded in getting the platform up and running in record time and with the latest technologies. Jürgen Deschepper – Project Management Office – Provikmo”.