Upgrade Proximus Cumulus – speed and flexibility are key for software development

Forward-looking companies see IT as the basis for further innovation and improvement of their business. This includes software development, whether you’re developing a service for customers or business applications that make employees work more efficiently. Telecom provider Proximus has a lot of ambition: they want to be the digital service provider for both consumers and companies. In order to develop, test and put into production new applications, developers need to call on information and services from different departments within the Proximus organization.

Cumulus is Proximus’ cloud service that automates its own IT infrastructure to ensure greater transparency. Ordina delivered efficiency gains. Standardisation and making information items available by means of APIs mean that new IT projects can be realised more quickly.
In order to compete in the dynamic telecoms market, speed and flexibility are crucial. Proximus Cumulus now works as a service platform for developers. Weeks wait for feedback, reactions to emails to make steps in the development process is a thing of the past.