Punch Powertrain

production data in the hands of Ordina’s iMESure

Punch Powertrain, the only independent transmission builder in the world, not only develops conventional products but is also constantly working on solutions to prepare customers for the future. With this strong growth, the site in Sint-Truiden wanted to gain more control over the production data and at the same time the “Overall Equipment Effectiveness”. Ordina’s iMESure, with its modular structure and flexible integration with other systems, proved to be the perfect solution. The iMESure plant performance module was implemented in a total solution with the necessary hardware: from badge and RFID readers, over integration with PLC controls, to displays on which operators manage their tasks. This was first done in a pilot environment, then iMESure was rolled out across the entire plant. iMESure provided Punch Powertrain with a clear picture of the Overall Labor Effectiveness (OLE) and the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Data captured from the machines are displayed via clear dashboards. Meanwhile, iMESure also showed that two new production lines are the best way to accommodate the growth.