Radio France

Flexibility, an absolute asset in a media environment

With the new Quintiq planning platform, Radio France can do more with the same people and resources. Ordina’s SCO experts built a solution that increases efficiency. Last-minute changes can be implemented quickly and easily and there is a better overview of the availability of employees and their planning. The new system offers enormous flexibility, an absolute asset in a media environment.

Doing more with the same people and resources: that was the motivation for Radio France to evolve towards an Advanced Planning & Scheduling tool. In order to make better use of personnel and equipment at all French public radio stations, the media company entered into a partnership with Ordina. The APS media package, based on Quintiq planning software, turned out to be the perfect planning tool to optimally distribute resources among different radio programs and transmitters. Radio France can sleep on both ears: in a rapidly changing media landscape, the new tool evolves seamlessly.