Royal Flora Holland implements SAP BRIM

Royal FloraHolland is a (cooperative) merger organization that wished to invoice in one single way. The customer organization had high expectations of the software to be implemented: it had to be standard, able to process high volumes, solid due to the ambition for expansion abroad and also the ability to handle foreign currencies and foreign VAT regimes.


This project contained the implementation of SAP BRIM and the replacement of custom code in the legacy invoice configurations, including multiple invoices per customer. The optimization of the auction process: starting from the clock, including validation and bank guarantees, up to and including debt collection and disbursements to growers. The online availability of financial information to growers and buyers is part of the implemented solution.

After Go Live no significant disruptions were experienced and the customer satisfaction rates were good.


SAP BRIM was implemented as standardized flexible billing solution for buyers and growers.  As a result of this the growers receive their money quickly and the buyers see the right amounts are paid at the right time.

4.2-billion-euro annual revenue smoothly runs through the billing system. Growers demand to receive their money fast and buyers require a correct cash off at the right time. This process must run flawlessly every day. The entire industry relies on us. The customer did not face one malfunction yet and are receiving positive scores from the satisfaction survey.

The new system immediately enables the expansion abroad: Shortly after the implementation the first grower with a foreign currency – one of the largest in Africa – joined the Royal FloraHolland foundation.

The team is hands-on and venturous. This can be different at other IT-providers: many men in suits, few people behind the buttons. IFS Probity, part of Ordina, really went for it and did its utmost to prevent the risks of budget- and time overruns. How? By splitting up the project in feasible phases, strictly following up the deadlines and ensuring the decisions were taken in time.

– Martijn Meskers, Manager Finance

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