Outsourcing .Net application development

Securex offers companies a wide range of advice on everything related to work. With an extensive range of services, they support customers of all sizes in virtually all aspects of their HR policy. Securex aims to be the most accessible company in the sector by 2019. Access to digital data is central to this.
The HR service provider is undergoing a digital transformation. In the digital story, employees need new, digital skills.
This leads to changes in the way we work and it is important for the company to focus its energy on the right things. The motto is not to fight against the old, but to fully support the new.

Securex uses two technology stacks, Java and Microsoft .Net, for the development of internal and external software applications. New and future applications will from now on be built on a Java platform.
This strategic choice, together with the lack of in-house knowledge of the existing Microsoft solutions, meant that Ordina’s expertise was called upon.
Ordina’s outsourcing model guarantees the continuity of all .Net applications. The management and further developments are carried out by a team of specialists who will be responsible for the quality of Securex Microsoft stack for the next 6 years.