a simple, scalable ICT environment

ThromboGenics NV is a Belgian biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of innovative ophthalmic medicines and therapies. The outdated data center infrastructure limited ThromboGenics. Ordina was asked to renew the entire production of the ICT infrastructure.

The phasing out of tape backup and integration of backup-to-disk with replication over 2 data centres was also to be taken care of in the context of disaster recovery and business continuity. Experienced system engineers from the Business Platform Services unit provided the necessary services for architecture, installation, configuration and transition. In addition, ThromboGenis’ business was able to continue undisturbed throughout the project.
The new ICT infrastructure, spread over 2 data centres, is stable, secure, scalable and redundant. With each new development of the business, the ICT environment can easily scale with it. In addition, the integration of a disaster recovery environment with a failover plan has ensured that business continuity can be guaranteed at all times.