Touring - connectmycar



With their many years of expertise in the field of mobility, innovation and connectivity, Proximus and Touring have together developed a completely new product, the ‘ConnectMy.Car’ solution.
ConnectMy.car, an integrated solution that connects the car to the internet and offers the flexibility of an open platform and the comfort of valued vehicle assistance. This enables vehicle drivers and fleet managers to easily and safely obtain and exchange information such as location, technical data and driving behaviour. The solution is a new approach to telematics which, on the one hand, offers maximum transparency and, at the same time, respects the privacy of the driver.
The data collected by the plug-in device can be used, among other things, to improve driving behaviour, to stimulate ecological driving behaviour, to map out car use and routes, to detect technical problems in a timely and preventive manner, to automatically pay for parking spaces, etc.
Thanks to the WiFi hotspot generated, your car transforms into a driving office and you avoid unnecessary travel.
This project was realized by a high performance team with members from: Ordina’s Clockwork, Jworks, R&T, BPS and Security units.