Vlaamse Landmaatschappij

Automation process around pre-emption rights

In order to streamline the cumbersome procedures surrounding the Flemish pre-emption right, Ordina has developed a management application and an e-service in .NET for the Flemish Land Agency (VLM). These solutions allow VLM to play the pivotal role between notaries and beneficiaries of the pre-emption right quickly and efficiently.

The pre-emption right – the right to be the first to buy a plot of land – was the result of a cumbersome procedure. This is a time-consuming process, with a real risk of mistakes. VLM started an automation process to streamline the applications.

In a first phase, Ordina developed a management application for VLM in .NET. The notary automatically registered all requests from civil-law notaries. The second step was the construction of an e-service for VLM officials, notaries and beneficiaries. This office obtains all parcel information from AGIV, the Flemish Geographical Information Agency. In this way, civil servants and notaries can quickly check whether a pre-emption right applies to a property.

Through the one-stop shop, VLM officials now simply send applications to beneficiaries. They in turn let it be known whether they wish to exercise the pre-emption right. A fast and reliable automation solution, with which the Flemish government harmonises its procedures with regard to this pre-emption right.