A job at AgileWorks?

AgileWorks is the newest member of the Ordina family but quite likely also the business unit with the most experience. From scrum masters and agile enterprise coaches to team coaches and business consultants: each and every one of us is passionate about the agile mindset and has collaborated on agile projects. We apply our expertise and drive to help organisations embed an agile culture step by step across their whole organisation.

Agile: so much more than a buzzword

Think agile is a buzzword? No disagreement here. That said, the concept behind it is very much alive. These days, every organisation needs to be responsive and flexible to be – and stay – competitive. And this requires a radical new approach and mindset, an ‘agile’ culture.

What does AgileWorks do?

Agile goes a lot further than the scrum approach that IT technicians are now familiar with. A focus on ‘added value’ and openness to change needs to be embedded across the whole organisation: from IT, sales, HR and finance, all the way up to top management.

AgileWorks helps companies like Telenet, BNP Paribas, AXA, Nike and Partena become agile. We give advice, formulate a vision and strategy, define processes, implement systems where necessary, and ensure change management. There is no real manual for this kind of transformation, because being agile – and this applies to every agile transformation project too – is about continuously adapting in short, fast cycles. This means that every project is a long-term partnership, built on trust.

Who are we?

Our team consists of experienced scrum masters, agile coaches and business consultants. Our background is incredibly diverse – from psychologists and linguists to IT technicians – but we all have an agile mindset: we are keen to learn, are open to change and are highly motivated to continuously improve. This also means that we are not afraid to experiment or fail. And, that we have all fallen flat on our faces at one time or another. But that’s part and parcel of agile, right? Around here, we sometimes joke that ‘agile is not for the faint of heart’.

Agile is not for the faint of heart. Do you love change, dare to experiment and can you convince organisations of the need to be agile?

AgileWorks: something for you?

AgileWorks currently has 15 employees and we are looking for reinforcements! If you have agile experience and the necessary soft skills to get organisations excited about agile, then AgileWorks could be something for you. You will be part of a super-motivated team, be given lots of training opportunities and are guaranteed to work on exciting projects.

Ready to take the leap? Contact us.

See you soon?

picture Jörgen Jacob
Jörgen Jacob
Business unit manager
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Inge Duyck
Resource manager
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Dorien Mateusen
Human Resources