BI & Analytics

A job within the Data Driven Services-team?

BI & Analytics, that’s Data Driven

Ordina’s BI & Analytics unit, Data Driven, works for companies that focus on data driven decision-making. More and more data is collected and recorded digitally. It is becoming increasingly more complex to get the right information, efficiently merged and made available.

Return on data

Efficiently merging data streams and making them available. That is our specialisation. In addition to expertise in ETL-tools, our team is familiar with traditional business intelligence (BI) solutions such as Microsoft BI, SAP BW, Cognos, Qlik, Tableau, Informatica, etc. With business analytics and data science we go one step further. We translate quantitative data into valuable insights and forecasts. We increase our customers’ Return on Data by taking them on a journey to a modern and innovative data culture.

100 colleagues are ready to help

We organically grow into the most focused, fast, flexible, friendly and fun BI & data science community on the Benelux market employing more than 100 growing and happy employees.