Java, JavaScript and Open Source Development

We are very proud of our down-to-earth culture and no-bullshit-way-of-working

Cloud-native development, that’s JWorks

We ❤️ open source

Ordina’s Java- and JavaScript unit, JWorks, actively transforms companies into cloud-native market disruptors. We use technical and cultural trends such as DevOps, immutable infrastructure, extreme programming and microservices to develop more quickly and go to market faster than ever. As official contributors to Netflix we breathe open source. When we develop software solutions for our customers, we use open source tools such as Spring Boot,Spinnaker, Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry.

One codebase

With current frontend technologies we can develop fast, reliable and maintenance friendly applications that are compatible with a wide range of devices. And more importantly: they can be developed with one codebase for different platforms. This is true for both web applications and hybrid mobile applications. A single codebase means less recurring errors and is easier to maintain and test. At JWorks we embrace technologies such as Angular and Ionic, and apply them to a number of prestigious projects.

Internet of Things

We like experimenting but not just for fun. We make prototypes with Arduino’s and Raspberry PI’s and have already developed avant-garde projects for leading companies, such as the development of the LoRa-platform at Proximus. IoT is ready to be launched in Belgium and Ordina is at the wheel.

JWorks meets world

We strive to remain market leaders in the constantly evolving technology market. At JWorks the personal goal of each employee is to stay at the top. Workshops, coding sessions and webinars, organised internally or externally, make this possible. But what is more fun than attending international conferences such as Spring I/O in Barcelona or MongoDB World in New York? And if we are there anyway, we often book a few extra days to enjoy the surroundings and to get to know our colleagues better.


We are growing quickly and that often leads to limitations and rules that block creativity and freedom. But not at JWorks. We place great importance on our down-to-earth culture and no-nonsense work method. Prefer a Macbook with IntelliJ rather than Windows with Eclipse? Get on board!

See you soon?

picture Anja Van Acker
Anja Van Acker
Resource manager
picture Dorien Mateusen
Dorien Mateusen
Human Resources
picture Pieter Van den Wyngaert
Pieter Van den Wyngaert
Business Director