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Microsoft development, that´s NCore

Get to know an enthusiastic 100-person team: NCore. Consultants specialised in .NET, .NETCore, Azure CloudNative and IOT, CI/CD pipelines, Angular, Vue, Xamarin, Ionic, Elastic Search, and the list goes on

We attach great importance to methods such as agile and DevOps, and we actively train our people in them. With this mindset, we build software that is perfectly tailored to our customers, regardless of whether it involves the development of API´s, SPA´s, mobile or cloud native applications. Because our teams are so accustomed to smoothly working together, they can take every worry or concern off the customer´s shoulders.


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Team spirit, continuous learning and a healthy dose of pleasure are the core elements of our team. We seriously invest in the growth of our people through numerous training courses and conferences. In addition, we hold regular meetings where the latest trends are discussed in an informal atmosphere (???). Things often get pretty technical, but soft skills are addressed as well. And before concluding, we sometimes journey through the world of Virtual Reality. Via such initiatives you get to know your colleagues while having fun and learn who can advise you in case of technical issues. Always welcome!

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