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Security & privacy at Ordina

Security is in our DNA. Every employee goes through security awareness sessions, many obtain specific certificates, and the Ordina Group is ISO 27001 certified.

Our security and privacy team are the real connoisseurs of this domain: a young, driven team of specialists who are coached by a guru. The team helps our customers with security and privacy audits, GDPR compliance, ethical hacking, red teaming, security strategy, cyber security incident response etc. We hold great importance to continuous training and obtaining relevant certificates such as CSX, OWASP, CISSP, CSSLP, CISA and CISM. This is a conditio sine qua non.

Ordina TOP model for cyber security

Getting a clear picture of the various cyber security risks within companies is complex, yet necessary. Managing this problem is a crucial part of our service provision. We use a holistic model for analysing our customers’ risks, because security risks take place at different levels: data, people, processes, software applications and infrastructure. Changes in one domain have an impact on the other domains. Our model is based on 3 pillars: technology, organisation and people. In short, the Ordina TOP model for cyber security. We always ensure the right balance is struck between safety, flexibility and productivity.

Mark Vandenwauver

Our team is led by Mark Vandenwauver. Mark is known worldwide as Cyber Security and Privacy Executive. With more than 25 years of experience, he is regularly asked as a keynote speaker and as a consultant for cyber security advice and risk assessments. His team works on challenging security-related projects at top companies in Belgium and can always rely on the expertise of a seasoned guru.

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picture Mark Vandenwauver
Mark Vandenwauver
Business unit manager
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Anne-Mie Truyen
Resource manager