Connected assets

Ordina and Proximus joined forces to offer a packaged end-to-end IoT solution for connected assets based on SAP Leonardo.
IoT can provide significant opportunities for your company, delivering value and improving performance through better predictability, adaptability, innovation, alignment and sustainability across the value chain. Any company with a considerable volume of physical assets, running SAP software, should consider the value of Connected Assets. Connected Assets transform your business into a proactive organization that predicts and fixes potentially disruptive issues. Connected Assets evolve operations and delight customers and employees, all while increasing the bottom line.

Benefits of connected assets

  • Get real-time insights about location, usage and state of your physical assets
  • Improve asset utilization
  • Improve process efficiency
  • Optimize working capital

The Solution

The solution provided by Proximus and Ordina is grown from a complementary partnership. The connected assets partner-packaged solution is a solution built by Ordina connecting the assets making use of the sensors and network connectivity provided by Proximus integrated and visualized making use of various components of the SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Leonardo.

Value-based approach

It is not only about delivering a solution; the goal is to deliver the ultimate solution allowing business goals to be attained. Therefore, Ordina preaches a value-based approach. Ordina’s value driven methodology focuses on identifying the (business) value for a specific business challenge early in the project lifecycle in order to deliver an innovative solution by means of a minimum viable product (MVP) which can be accelerated even further later on.