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DELMIA Quintiq and DELMIA Ortems

Losses in the production process? Long lead times? Low capacity utilization? High transport costs? Dissatisfied clients and employees? Those who tackle difficult planning issues intelligently, succeed in producing efficiently or providing a better service. Ordina’s Supply Chain Optimization team helps organizations to optimize their planning, respond to the demands of end clients and employees and remain competitive. For this, they rely on the planning solutions of Dassault Systèmes: DELMIA Quintiq and DELMIA Ortems.

Platinum Partner of Dassault Systèmes

Dassault Systèmes forges strategic alliances with leading service providers to leverage the best expertise in industry processes and technical domains to address business client challenges. The DELMIA Quintiq technology has long been a leader in supply chain planning & optimization software and has been part of the French Dassault Systèmes since 2014. Ordina’s Supply Chain Optimization team has more than 60 certified DELMIA Quintiq consultants, and has been one of the most experienced partners within the Dassault Systèmes ecosystem for more than 20 years.

DELMIA Quintiq

DELMIA Quintiq provides end-to-end solutions for modelling, planning and optimizing business activities. The solutions are used to plan and optimize a wide range of complex planning puzzles: Sales & Operations (S&OP) planning (including supply-and-demand planning), production planning, workforce planning and optimizing logistics operations. Key capabilities include predictive and prescriptive data analysis, forecasting, what-if scenario planning, collaborative decision-making, production planning and managing ad hoc disruptions.

Ordina has implemented the following DELMIA Quintiq solutions at various clients:

  • DELMIA Quintiq S&OP
  • DELMIA Quintiq Demand Planning
  • DELMIA Quintiq Macro Planner
  • DELMIA Company Planner
  • DELMIA Quintiq Scheduler
  • DELMIA Quintiq Workforce Scheduling
  • DELMIA Rail Planning
  • DELMIA Fleet and Crew Planning
  • DELMIA Quintiq Logistics Planning

Discover our client references in sectors such as government, aviation, transport, services, manufacturing, food processing or healthcare on the Dassault Systèmes website.



Ordina’s Supply Chain Optimization unit expanded the Dassault Systèmes portfolio by providing services around the DELMIA Ortems product. This allows us to offer our clients an even broader range of production planning and scheduling solutions. The portfolio consists of the following DELMIA Ortems solutions:

  • DELMIA Ortems Manufacturing Planner
  • DELMIA Ortems Synchronized Requirements Planner
  • DELMIA Ortems Production Scheduler

Why Ordina?

  1. You, the client, are central
    Ordina starts from your specific planning processes and organization. Improving efficiency and strengthening your organization is the first objective.
  2. You have access to a local team with extensive experience
    Supply planning, Demand planning, Sales & Operations planning (S&OP), (multi-resource) schedule and task planning, Integrated business planning (IBP) or detailed production scheduling? Our supply chain optimization consultants have knowledge and experience in your sector and guarantee a 100% fit approach.
    A team of 60 certified DELMIA Quintiq consultants in all project roles. This team is based locally in Benelux and supports multilingual projects in Dutch, English and French if required.
    Integration of supply chain solutions with ERP, MES, HR and reporting systems or mobile applications for accessing planning data hold no secrets for Ordina.
  3. You employ a financially very stable service provider with a broad client base
    See below the case studies on some of our achievements for different clients in different sectors where the Ordina SCO team introduced successful planning solutions.

Depending on your needs, we offer the following services:

  • Advice on your existing planning processes, and identification of points for improvement that can serve as the basis for a new planning vision, including business case, road map and/or project proposal.
  • The implementation, together with your employees, of the most appropriate planning solution.
  • Training of your users and support for the roll-out of your planning optimization project.
  • Proactive monitoring, so that your organization can rely on a planning solution that always works flawlessly (read: a dedicated DELMIA Quintiq support team available 24/7).
  • Value Scan of your existing supply chain solution. Does your planning system still support your business goals, your vision of the future, your strategic decisions and does it take into account new employee and client needs? Our experts will do the test, expose (possible) obstacles and map out practical solutions.

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