Digital commerce

Get a flying start with a futureproof e-commerce platform

Consumer behaviour and expectations are constantly changing. Ordering online and on demand is the new norm, both for consumers and retailers. The competition does not sleep and keeps raising the bar. Anyone who does not evolve with technological developments and carries on working with antiquated platforms is putting their continuity and profitability at risk. So, if you, as a company, want to continue to stand out from the competition, be attractive to customers and be profitable, you have to respond to these developments and invest in e-commerce.

Case study: New e-commerce platform for DENHAM in just nine weeks

International premium denim brand DENHAM wants to triple conversion online. To help them achieve this, DENHAM asked Ordina to deliver a powerful, flexible e-commerce platform as quickly as possible. Through agile collaboration, a premium online shop was created in just nine weeks, from briefing to go-live. As a result, DENHAM was able to generate more revenue online than offline. We also developed a flexible framework so that the DENHAM team can make changes themselves, allowing DENHAM to respond quickly to market developments.

We were looking for an agency that was willing to go at our fast pace, without compromising quality. In just nine weeks, we have managed to achieve an amazing result together. Thomas Stegelmann, E-commerce manager DENHAM

Flying start with an e-commerce platform

That is exactly what Ordina Solution for Digital Commerce can give you. We can develop, launch and activate a futureproof, best-in-class e-commerce platform for your organisation in two to four months’ time. Our approach differentiates itself, among other things, through a short time-to-market. By using a unique developed template (based on best practices) with predefined pages, menus, functionalities and test scripts, implementation can start very quickly. What’s more, the platform can be integrated into your existing IT environment in an effective, futureproof way.

With this solution, you create a digital environment that customers love to revisit and that turns visitors into fans. But more importantly, an environment where visits are converted into sales. Our e-commerce platforms provide a personalised shopping experience, in which the whole customer journey, from orientation to return custom, is supported in a consistent way, whatever the channel or touchpoint.

Our approach

Based on years of experience in digital commerce, Ordina has developed its own approach. This approach consists of two stages. Stage one is about the implementation and activation of the platform. But that is not a goal in itself. The actual goal is to achieve growth targets and ambitions, which is why the second stage focuses on optimising conversion, the run & grow stage.

What makes this approach successful is the short time-to-market and the possibility to integrate solutions quickly into an existing IT landscape. The applications are based on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, software that automatically develops further and updates as and when needed. This makes it easy to integrate and maintain. What’s more, there is also the possibility to integrate with other relevant Salesforce applications, such as Marketing and Service Cloud, and work with a subscription model. Finally, we are constantly working on optimising conversion for our clients, so that they can generate more revenue, strengthen the brand and improve customer experience.