Inspiration workshop: Big Data? Know where to start!

24 September 2014 - 15:00 tot 20:00
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Inspiration and ideas for financial institutions.

Data is the oil of the 21st century! When put to smart use, data has the potential to create added value.
Recent innovations allow combinations that were previously undreamed of or simply would have been too time-consuming. Apart from the exponential growth in available data, valuable data is produced by ever more sources, like websites, social media, mobile devices, machines, sensors, cars, open data APIs, etc. Gathering all relevant data and using them to build smart initiatives requires reliable, fast and efficient solutions.

Ordina Belgium and MongoDB are happy to invite you to an inspirational workshop for financial service providers, on 24 September next in Mechelen. Focus of this workshop will be on the very starting point of your data endeavors: relevant data for collecting and mining?

Financial institutions are data-driven organizations. They have access to vast amounts of customer data that can foster growth scenarios. A rapidly evolving legislative framework and a globalizing market, however, force them to innovate their systems, to make them faster and more transparent. Cost efficiency and streamlined business processes are key to a successful approach.

Collecting data is crucial in developing new business insights. As an IT service provider, Ordina develops solutions that cope with these challenges and offer added value to your business. MongoDB’s NoSQL database brings you the latest generation of fast, simple and scalable operational databases. With the help of MongoDB we are now able to bring to market faster and cheaper innovative solutions that will empower you to deliver on your business targets.

During this event we will get you up to speed on the ongoing revolution in data platforms and show you how to manage your data successfully.
Get inspired (without further obligations) on 24 September.
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