Smart Inspiration Workshop - ideas for innovative applications ...

19 November 2014 - 16:00
- Château d'Urspelt, Am Schlass, Clervaux (Grand Duché de Luxembourg)
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These times are characterised by smart watches, drones, virtual reality spectacles and much more technology. Innovative developments are happening lightning-fast. Do you already have an idea of what all this technology could mean for your organization?

We would like to invite you on November 19 for the "Smart Technologies Inspiration Workshop "
A new initiative where customers and Ordina consultants meet and share knowledge and experiences. The workshop inspires people and generates ideas for innovative applications.

We start with a trip through the technological trends that are influencing the world, now and in the future. We demonstrate concrete examples in which these trends are translated into innovative technical applications.
To inspire you, we give examples from your market and sector.
We then brainstorm in groups on how we can translate this inspiration into actual ideas for your organization.

Together with colleagues, Ordina consultants and technology partners you determine whether and how your organization can experience advantages of this modern technology. The aim is to build business cases by combining business / industry knowledge with innovative new technologies (wearable devices, drones, sensoring, image processing, big data ...)

Let you inspire!
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Ordina organizes this Inspiration Workshop to introduce you and your organization to new ideas and to let you experience the advantages of modern technology.

We look forward to welcoming you!