Proximus & Ordina collaborate on Internet of Things in Belgium


Co-creation ensures rapid realisation of IoT platform and opens the door to innovation in businesses

Mechelen, 9 November 2015

Proximus is currently rolling out a Belgian IoT network based on LoRaTM technology. Ordina is helping to build the service platform that Proximus uses for IoT. Customers can use a web portal and a mobile app to simply onboard sensors and manage IoT hardware. The scalable platform captures all the sensor data and makes these safely available to the owner. Proximus and Ordina are joining forces to help customers build innovative applications based on LoRa and IoT.

The ‘Internet of Things’, in which appliances and devices are connected on the internet, is developing rapidly, and living and working will change dramatically as a result. It is expected that by 2020, there will be between 20 and 50 billion connected devices worldwide.
Proximus is the first telecoms operator in Belgium to start rolling out an IoT network based on LoRa™. The technology allows devices fitted with sensors to be driven, controlled or read remotely. Uniquely, the solution works over long distances and energy consumption is very low, which means devices can operate autonomously for many years.

The new Proximus IoT network is primarily for the business world. To bring this service to customers, Proximus sought an innovative, local technology partner that could quickly build a robust, reliable and efficient service platform. A solution that could handle the volume and the processing of IoT data.

Ordina as innovative partner
Innovations follow each other in quick succession and have a major impact on our work and our environment. “Ordina therefore monitors the latest technological developments closely,” says Jo Maes, CEO Ordina Belgium “We are making our wide range of expertise (Mobile, Web, Cloud, Big Data, Java, Integration and User Experience) relevant in the context of the LoRa project. Proximus customers can define new business models quickly and cost-effectively and integrate them smartly with their business applications.”

IoT and LoRaTM as enablers of business innovation
 “The possibilities of the LoRa technology are endless,” says Carlo Schots, Business Development Manager Ordina. “Together with Proximus we are working on the adoption of IoT in various areas such as for Smart industries, healthcare, logistics and utilities.”
Ordina acts as end-to-end ICT partner for Proximus. “Besides delivering reliable ICT solutions, we think structurally about innovative, sustainable solutions with an optimal total experience for customers,” concludes Schots.





Ordina is the largest independent ICT service provider in Benelux, with around 2,900 employees. We devise, build and manage ICT solutions in government, financial services, industry and healthcare. We aim for ICT that genuinely helps people. ICT that matters and that came about without wasting resources. We do this by working with our customers to innovate sustainably.

Ordina was established in 1973. Since 1987, its share has been listed on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam and is part of the Smallcap Index (AScX). In 2014 Ordina achieved a turnover of EUR 367 million. More information is available at www.ordina.be.