Ordina @ SAP Forum- discover the Magic of Simple

9 September 2015 - 9:00 tot 18:00
- Tour&Taxis - Havenlaan 86C - 1000 Brussels

Discover how Ordina's SAP-team and Clockwork, the digital engagement agency of Ordina combine strengths to deliver ENJOYABLE SAP Solutions by focusing on User Experience

The SAP Forum with more than 50 speakers and 8 different tracks is the biggest SAP event of the year.
Theme of the convention: The Magic of Simple....

Ideas and showcases to show you the future of business and how technology will impact your daily life, your daily work...
Check the agenda on: http://sapbeluxevent.be/SAPForum/

Ordina Belgium is SAP Forum Silver Partner.

Join us for the Lunch Topic:    Enjoyable SAP Solutions by focusing on User Experience

User experience (UX) is how a person feels when interacting with a digital product. People want to work with tools, easy to use. No need for useless complexity. The SAP UI5 Framework today allows this. It reinvents the user experience through greater convenience, personalization, and simplification. The Ordina Clockwork approach prepares customers to make role-specific apps, intuitive and user friendly. We build applications that people want to use!

Employees that are involved, supported and empowered prove to be engaged employees. Engaged employees are far more productive and innovative. Higher quality, less incidents lower absenteeism. Just a few examples that show why employee engagement really matters.
Organizations need to support their employees by means of well-designed processes and tools to be really effective. Solutions should bring value to your organization and fit your employees’ needs and working conditions.
Ordina valorizes the human capital of its customers by focusing on three strategic angles: employee engagement, productivity enablement and resource & process optimization. Clockwork, Ordina’s digital agency delivers SAP applications that people want to use.
Their design process is one of the key elements in the overall project approach. Design is not just how something looks and feels like, design is how it works.

Discover how you can create positive user experiences!
Discover the magic of simple!

Meet us at the SAP Forum! We are looking forward to sharing ideas!