Webinar | SAP S/4HANA:
A new ERP system as an accelerator of your digital strategy?

10 Jun 2021
10 Jun 2021 11:30 - 12:00 Webinar

Webinar | SAP S/4HANA: A new ERP system as an accelerator of your digital strategy?

SAP is a commonly used Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution in your market segment.
Powerful software, with a user-friendly interface that works out of the box. You maximize business flexibility with standardized processes, fast innovations and fast returns. Thanks to intelligent automation, you lift the performances in your organization to a higher level. It’s a story SAP loves to tell.

But then again … can SAP really contribute to your digital transformation?
What is the added value for your business? What is the impact?
How do you manage such a new technology landscape? Is it cost-effective?


Curious about what S/4HANA can do for your organization?
Invest 30 minutes of your time.

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We’ll be happy to show you:

  • What S/4HANA, the new ERP software from SAP, is all about
  • Which best-practices for your market segment are ingrained, so that you can be up and running quickly
  • How to make better and faster decisions based on predictive real-time reports
  • How to simplify your application landscape and maintain it at a lower cost
  • That the user-friendliness of this software has increased enormously
  • How to use innovative technologies (RPA, IoT, Big Data, …) to support or optimise your business processes
  • How you can be up and running quickly and efficiently and experience the ROI of your ERP
  • How Ordina can offer you end-to-end support and ensure that you can focus on your core activities

Our promise: SAP S/4HANA has no more secrets for you.
You will have a clear view of the possible added value for your company when you participate.