We are looking for a senior NLP data scientist who brings fresh ideas to the table and who guides our data science team in bringing NLP-powered products to our clients. Are you up for it?

As a senior NLP data scientist you will dive into text mining and speech recognition. You detect patterns in large volumes of unstructured -and often messy- data. For example, you might determine sentiment from social media posts, help clients interacting in new ways with their customers using virtual assistants, etc. You will coordinate the development and implementation of NLP solutions at our clients, and evaluate the quality and performance of existing NLP models. By doing so, you assist your customer in creating added value out of their data. On top of that, you will lead a team of talented data scientists.

Who we are looking for

  • You have a master’s degree (or equivalent by experience) in a field that is highly data-driven
  • You have experience with modern NLP techniques to develop and implement solutions regarding: information extraction, cross-lingual information retrieval, sentiment prediction, keyword and topic extraction, text classification and categorization, machine translation, deep learning chatbots and dialog modeling, abstractive summarization
  • You have an advanced level in one of the following languages: Python, R, Spark, Scala, Java or C++
  • You are well-versed in open-source software and libraries for natural language processing such as NLTK, Gensim, CoreNLP, spaCy, etc.
  • Experience with big data, API’s for speech and text processing from Amazon, Microsoft or Google, and/or frameworks such as Keras or Tensorflow are considered a plus

What we offer

  • You will become a key figure in projects for top Belgian companies
  • You will work in a high-tech environment with a focus on knowledge and innovation
  • Your knowledge will remain up to date thanks to workshops, conferences, training courses and you will be supported in obtaining certificates
  • A healthy work-life balance
  • You can help direct your career and continue to grow
  • Your colleagues are down to earth and have a no-nonsense attitude, there is room for initiative
  • You can participate in fun business and team-building activities
  • You will enjoy benefits such as a company car, laptop, mobile phone allowance, meal vouchers, insurance, etc.
  • You can optimise your net salary thanks to our IP reward