Why Ordina?

The communities of small, the power of big

Work is so much more than just the job. The culture, atmosphere, etiquette and ambitions of an employer are very decisive in your career choice. You realize visible innovation in the largest companies in Belgium or Luxemburg, but work in close-knit teams with committed people. Because you enjoy your work with an employer who matches your ambitions and wishes.



Together with 2,650 colleagues, you are used to looking ahead, absorbing new technologies and quickly translating them into applications and services for the customer. As an IT professional, business consultant or young professional, you have plenty of room to contribute and realize your own ideas. With a good idea, creativity, some guts and persuasiveness, a lot is possible. We consider the creative potential of our employees to be a great asset.

We also keep a close eye on new developments in the markets. This does not mean that Ordina runs after every hype. We value the latest developments and use them to determine our own course. This course is always aimed at applying innovation by means of a solid solution that adds value for the client.



The mutual involvement is noticeable, among other things, by a high willingness to help each other out. We therefore believe it is important that our colleagues enjoy their work and feel at ease. The open and informal atmosphere at Ordina contributes significantly to this. At Ordina, we have many internal communities. The communities within Ordina consist of colleagues who are passionate about the same field and want to lead the way by further developing their expertise. In addition to exchanging knowledge and experience, new propositions are also developed.

Knowledge sharing and mutual involvement also lead to unique customer engagement. Clients benefit from working with an expert and motivated team that is committed to finding the best possible solutions. Because at Ordina, there is the power of BIG and the communities of SMALL.



High performance teams are multidisciplinary coalitions of professionals who are in tune with each other. They are masters of all the relevant technologies: from Java and Microsoft to Python and Pega. The High Performance Team is formed on the basis of complementary skills and profiles. In this way, everyone can learn from each other and you fit in well with each other. The teams are well supported. They benefit from the deployment of agile coaches, automation experts, serious gaming and good practices. In this way, the teams and team members develop at a rapid pace. Would you like to know more about this? Then click here!