Leading by example:
a digital workspace for all Ordina employees

Practise what you preach, it may be a bit of a cliche, but it’s very true. Ordina helps its customers stay ahead of change. Something, we, ourselves, obviously also strive to do. This is why we have resolutely made the move to one big digital, cross-border workspace – including migration to the cloud – so that Ordina employees in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands can all work together easily and efficiently.

Even an IT service provider like Ordina has to continuously develop its IT landscape and infrastructure. For many years, Ordina Netherlands and Ordina Belgium and Luxembourg worked in their own cloud and had their own IT strategy. Physical devices, networks, systems, apps, right down to maintenance, everything was different. This made integration between the two systems difficult, while the Ordina consultants were increasingly working on the same projects together. It was high time a uniform digital cross-border workspace was created.

Personas as a starting point

‘The workspace of Ordina Netherlands was set up and managed by KPN. They provided fixed and mobile telephony, internet and related services,’ says Jo Geeraerts, Business Unit Manager at Ordina. ‘However, the landscape no longer met current needs and the service contract was coming to an end.’ So, Ordina took on the responsibility of this itself and provided step-by-step support to the Dutch team with their move to a digital workspace in the cloud. New devices were introduced (both Windows and Mac), in keeping with the new workspace philosophy, Jo explains. ‘When choosing devices and tools, including their configuration, Ordina uses personas – types of employees. Different roles require different devices, tools as well as settings and authorisations. Consultants who work at a customer’s site every day have different needs than their colleagues in sales, marketing or finance.’

Ambitious migration to the Azure/MS365 cloud

Devices weren’t the only things to be future-proofed. So were software and IT infrastructure. The infrastructure of Ordina Netherlands still ran in physical data centres. Alongside the creation of the digital workspace, an ambitious migration to MS Azure was carried out. ‘From SAP to MS365 apps such as Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint, everything had to be moved to the cloud. AvePoint software took us through every step of this migration. This enabled us to go live within the scheduled time frame of 8 months. Quite the feat,’ Jo admits, ‘one that has taught us a lot. This knowledge also benefits our customers.’

The migration to Azure was quite the feat, one that has taught us a lot. This knowledge also benefits our customers.

Crossing frontiers: Belgium and Luxembourg meet the Netherlands

As soon as the digital workspace in the cloud was up and running smoothly in the Netherlands, it was time to align with Ordina Belgium and Luxembourg. One shared telephony platform was set up and the rest of the infrastructure – including the cloud – was also aligned. ‘This involved a total of 2,045 workspaces,’ according to Jo. ‘Thanks to this alignment, Ordina can now work as one big company, across borders.’

Ordina workspaces were turned into one digital workspace.

Ahead of change

To ensure a continued smooth collaboration, Jo and his colleagues will keep monitoring and managing the digital workspace. ‘Apart from providing concrete field support, we also organise consultations at very regular intervals (with the Architecture and governance boards) to discuss progress, identify opportunities for improvement and continue managing the changing workspace. In doing so, we make sure that Ordina can react quickly and remains flexible at all times. So that we stay ahead of change, just like we advise our customers to be.’