How we provide new opportunities for financial service providers through ICT.

New connections in finance

As a financial service provider you are in the midst of a digital transition: technologies like blockchain, sharper regulation in the form of PSD2 and GDPR and growing competition from fintechs are fundamentally changing the world around you. How can you ensure you are not blown over but rather get the wind in your sails and gain the customer’s favour? Ordina makes new connections.

Imperative, improve, innovate

Customers want instant service: online services that are customized and intuitive. Whether it’s providing credit, a stock issue or taking out a mortgage. Without any breach of their privacy. For that reason, we focus on the three i’s: imperative, improve and innovate.

  1. Imperative
    Your existing IT infrastructure must be robust and reliable, while simultaneously providing enough space for innovation. Ordina provides business platforms that allow you to translate data from legacy-systems to the new world and adopt the latest technologies. This not only means you remain compliant, but also sets the foundation for a better and more personal service to your customers.
  2. Improve
    Optimize your processes and tailor them insofar as possible to customer needs. Ordina helps you map these requirements, amongst others through social media monitoring, data science and analytics. This gives you the knowledge to respond to the situation effectively with your processes. Over time, also provides you with the insight required to anticipate ever-changing needs. We call that an Intelligent data-driven organization.
  3. Innovate
    Make new connections with customers. Think of portals in which your customers control their mortgage (application), pensions or insurances or a mobile payment app for group payments. Ordina is your partner for this digital acceleration. We develop and manage digital solutions that contribute to an excellent customer experience, resulting in stronger customer relationships.

Ordina and finance: a match

Financial institutions are some of Ordina’s core customers. Every day, hundreds of our business and ICT consultants work at banks, insurers and asset managers. Sometimes individually, sometimes in mixed teams and sometimes through our High performance teams who achieve relevant innovations rapidly as multidisciplinary coalitions. But always with the same ambition: contributing to a financially healthy Belgium and Luxembourg.