Financial Economic Crime

Maintain control of financial flows and the behavior of clients and employees.

Financial institutions are facing increasing complexity when it comes to the challenge of financial and economic crime. A comprehensive approach is needed to help maintain control of financial flows and the behavior of clients and employees. Rise to the challenge with smart use of data and technology.

  • Organization set up to optimally comply with FEC legislation
  • Compliant without having to compromise on the client experience
  • Risks managed while remaining operationally efficient

Minimize the Damage of Financial Economic crime

Financial institutions and their clients are increasingly confronted with financial economic crime (FEC). Cybercriminals are capable of striking more often and with greater ease. At the same time, the laws that need to be followed are becoming greater in number. Financial institutions play an important social role, acting as gatekeepers to work with chain partners to help to limit the damage of FEC.

Ordina supports financial institutions by helping them to remain compliant with the laws on money laundering (AML), the financing of terrorism (CFT), Know Your Customer (KYC) and internal and external fraud. Financial economic crime cannot always be prevented. But, with smart technology and our holistic approach, we can help to minimize its impact, both for your organization and your clients.

We help you to create a customized FEC strategy. We ensure involvement, awareness and precisely the right level of knowledge in all relevant areas. Our technology and professionals assist in implementing FEC policy, in turn helping to convert FEC obligations into targeted opportunities for your organization.

Our services

Minimizing financial and economic risk exposure requires an all-encompassing vision and integrated approach. But also, a combined input from multiple disciplines and a partner with the right expertise and a pragmatic approach. Through our wide range of services in the fields of strategy, data, platforms and implementation, we help your organization stay ahead of the game when it comes to preventing and combating financial economic crime.

FEC Strategy

We map the compliance level of your organization and develop a strategy to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.

FEC Data

FEC and data are connected. We translate FEC data into useful insights that help protect your business and automate your processes.

FEC Platforms

We provide support across various FEC – AML/CFT, KYC/CDD and fraud prevention – platforms. And, we help with the implementation, testing and deployment.

FEC Operations

We provide teams for the processing of alerts and cases, remediation plans and capacity extension. These teams have extensive legal expertise.