Integrated Supply Chain

Take control of your supply chain ecosystem.

Discover the added value of an integrated supply chain:

  • Deliver transparent insights to ensure more proactive, more efficient and more effective operations
  • Take action to help relieve your sustainability, regulation and security concerns
  • Optimize your use of people and resources without affecting quality and service
  • Reduce dependence on dwindling work forces

Get Ahead of Your Competitors

An integrated supply chain is an integral ecosystem of supply chain departments, clients and partners with a robust backend. This helps to ensure transparency both within and outside of your business, between external parties who are a part of your broad supply chain.
Insights into supply chain data give you tools which enable you to respond more efficiently. Done with reactive processes. Smart use of analytics and machine learning tools enables proactive interventions and/or allows you to manage client demand. You can optimize inventory management. You enable demand- and supply-driven flows of material and information. You can respond more readily to changes in your production and logistics chains, as well as to constantly changing regulations.
Flexible, optimized solutions to complex planning issues in production, logistics and the work force are the beating heart of your business.
In a nutshell, within an integrated supply chain, your organization has the technology, processes, insights and automation to work more proactively, more efficiently and more effectively.
Supply chain managers are given the time and energy to tackle strategic challenges and tasks to help improve your client and employee experience. Supply chain employees can work smarter and with greater efficiency.

Our services

Get inspiration from implementable, relevant Integrated Supply Chain examples for your organization. Together, we map your strengths and weaknesses. We assess the various challenges and put forward concrete points for improvement as well as achievable solutions. We define KPIs and priorities for increased efficiency and effectiveness.


Composable backend

Where need be, we set up a solid backend that can be easily integrated in your ecosystem and introduce optimization applications based on the roadmap priorities. Think of the implementation or upgrading of a SAP S/4 HANA system, the setup of a central data capture platform or the optimization of your planning processes.

Building on your composable backend, we create new insights via our data driven solutions. Typically, this begins with a few visualizations of a process or KPIs, but often progresses to a digital twin, smart network redesign tools and 360 control towers.


Process optimization and automation

Hyper-effective organizations focus on the essence of things. With our Hyper-automation approach, you are able to identify, optimize and automate your processes using smart technologies: AI, ML, NLP, RPA, IoT, analytics and iBPMS. You are able to make informed, substantiated decisions. Our approach also enables you to accelerate and simplify complex functions in ERP, invoice management, transport and warehouse management systems, as well as save man-hours on repetitive tasks.

Innovative planning solutions

Losses in the production process? Long lead times? Low capacity utilization? High transport costs? Dissatisfied customers and employees? Tackling complex planning issues smartly allows you to manufacture your products efficiently or provide better service. We optimize your planning like no other so that you are able to meet the needs of your customers and employees at all times while staying competitive.

Move to an integrated ecosystem, in which you also integrate your external partners. Think of a system that focuses on your customers, your customers’ customers, your suppliers or even your competitors. How do you build such an ecosystem? What technical steps do you need to take? What revenue model do you link it to? How do you get other players on board with it? How do you ensure end-to-end security for your supply chain ecosystem?


Our solutions

Ordina is the digital business partner who creates an advantage through technology and market knowledge. We do this by connecting technology, business challenges and people smartly. We help our clients improve their speed, develop smart solutions, launch new digital services while ensuring people embrace them. This enables us to give you a digital edge and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Supply Chain Optimization

Strengthen your market position through optimal planning

With the Ordina Solution for Supply Chain Optimization, we provide support with challenging planning issues, allowing people and resources to be used as efficiently as possible without sacrificing quality or service. Through powerful digital solutions that support the day-to-day business processes, we optimize and simplify your complex planning issues. We do this in relation to workforce, production and logistics planning, as well as Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) and optimization.

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SAP Smart Move

Move to SAP S/4HANA at the right time.

We help you at every step of your SAP project. We start off our collaboration with the question ‘How can we improve your processes?’ Brownfield, greenfield or something else? With the SAP SmartMove solution, we investigate what implementation plan and what system migration would be most suitable for your organization.

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Data Visualization

Valuable insight into relevant data at a glance.

Complex data issues require powerful intuitive, useful and user-friendly dashboards. Our data visualization solution translates your data into clear graphs, tables, flowcharts etc. Your visualizations are enriched with evidence-based recommendations and tips – so that you are sure to make the right decisions.

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Technologies and partnerships

To help accelerate digital, we have a number of strategic partnerships and use the best available technology. Within Integrated Supply Chain, we do this with, among others: