Life sciences

Smart interaction between pharma, people, technology and care.

Care & ICT

Our care system: world leading. With solidarity. Accessible. High quality. But the pressure on it is increasing due to rising demand and costs for care. Pharma & Life Sciences businesses are increasingly asked for more resilience. New diseases and modern technologies ensure major changes. At the same time regulations are increasing and budgets made available by public authorities and the care sector are shrinking. New business models are required, based on reducing costs, new cooperative agreements and more efficient business processes. Many developments are forcing your sector to adapt. Talk to us, together we can increase the quality of care.

Pharma & biotech

Ordina helps companies in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, biotech and medtech find innovative solutions. Our consultants provide advice, build and manage innovative applications. Tailored to your challenges and focused on your R&D processes, sales and marketing, infrastructure and supply chain.

Data Integrity & Pharma

Knowledge is of vital importance in the pharmaceutical sector. Ranging from raw data from experiments, to complex chemical formulas; from carefully performed research into medicines, to intellectual property rights, without this information the sector would be unable to function. In the event of the damage or loss of this confidential information, the organization itself and its customers could be irrevocably endangered. Awareness and responsible management of information risks are vitally important to the healthy functioning of the pharmaceutical sector. The pharmaceutical industry is thus one of the most regulated sectors. The legislation and regulations of the FDA/EU 21 CFR Part 11 set clear requirements in terms of the reliability and authenticity of data created and stored electronically.

Ordina’s Quality and Validation consultants work for leading pharmaceutical companies and their suppliers. They have a thorough knowledge of the regulations and legislation (cGxP, CFR21 Part 11, ISO 9001 of ISO 13485) and completed the Ordina Secure-by-Design program (CISSP(ISC)2, CISA, CISM). Our validation experts correctly assess your data integrity risk when using systems that store, process or retrieve data (mobile applications, cloud solutions or web applications) during each validation task

Care providers

In an ideal situation, patients and clients are, insofar as possible, in control and are supported to live independently at home as long as possible. That requires more eHealth-solutions on your part. Think of apps, portals, virtual reality or wearables that give your patients or clients more independence and control. Or tools allowing them to work preventively around their health. Ordina can help you with that. That’s what we call digital acceleration.