Digitalization with an eye for people.

ICT for interaction between public authorities, citizens and business.

Public Authorities and ICT

Public institutions are facing complex challenges. From reducing CO2 emissions, keeping care affordable and protecting against cybercrime to the creation of digital services for business such as VAT returns and permit applications. The big question: how can we respond to these social challenges with ICT and realize digital ambitions at a national, provincial and local level?

Due to decentralizations and the need for more efficiency, digital connections between public authorities, citizens and business are crucial for the future viability, accessibility and security of our society. As an ICT company we consider our mission here to place people at the center of every ‘digital step’ we take.

Digital services

Ensuring citizens and business can work online securely and easily with public authorities is important. Information must be available online and the exchange of information must be completely secure. Because we can develop an even more intensive digital interaction from mutual trust. Using apps and portals in which dialogue can take place even better and through which public authorities can provide personal services to their target groups.

Building on infrastructure

Moving towards a digital interaction also does not mean that the current ICT installation at public institutions would have to be completely reversed. Our advice: trust the current secure and solid infrastructure, which, amongst others allows the payment traffic and our utilities to function and add new systems to it. In this way you, as a public institution, can gradually update the digital services to citizens and business.

Digitalization at two speeds

As our society consists of several generations and not everyone will be equally at home in the digital world, we believe that the digitalization of public institutions also requires two speeds: digitalization where possible and human contact where necessary. Ultimately, this is not about what is possible with new technologies but how we, as a society, can maximize the benefit from it.

Ordina: your strategic ICT partner

Ordina supports public institutions to realize digital ambitions at a national, provincial and local level. Through multidisciplinary High performance teams who can quickly realize relevant innovations. Whether this concerns the development and management of apps, the realization of digital workspaces, secure data streams, privacy and security or other ICT matters that connect citizens, business and public institutions.