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Ordina paves the way for efficient planning at Ewals Cargo Group

With a capacity of 4,500 trailers and containers in thirteen European countries, logistics planning for Ewals Cargo Group is no mean task. It is a continuous challenge to increase efficiency, cut costs and continue to offer customers tremendous flexibility. To achieve these objectives Ewals upgraded its logistics planning with a sophisticated planning system. Ordina was responsible for the development, implementation and integration with other systems.

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Ewals Cargo Care provides integrated logistics services across Europe. With more than 1,700 employees in thirteen countries, Ewals is continually striving for improvements in the logistics process. Therefore Ewals attaches great importance to corporate information management: by knowing exactly what is going on, processes and information flows can be managed efficiently. Ewals also wants to continue to play a leading role for its customers, employees and shareholders. What the customer needs is always the key concern: the right product, the right quantity, in the right place, on time and at optimal cost.


Previously, the Ewals planners were allocated their haulage jobs via the ERP system. What followed was handled via Excel sheets. Several planners often coordinated one shipment, but did not see each other's work. Therefore, the planners were sometimes overtaken by events, which cost Ewals a lot of time.  A big deal with Scania was the catalyst for Ewals to optimize its planning: Scania decided to allocate the entire flow of goods between its seventeen European factories and component suppliers to Ewals subsidiary 'E-Logistics Control’ (ELC). To ensure effective coordination, Ewals needed automated route planning.


The Scania project was successfully carried out by Ewals using Quintiq professional planning software. This project was so successful that Ewals chose to extend the system to all the group's transport operations. Ordina was selected as the partner to do this. To coordinate all internal processes and information flows even better, a new IT architecture was outlined at the same time. Ewals opted for the IT integration platform from Cordys. That links orders and planning inextricably. Finally, Ordina built a database for both the solutions with real-time management information, and a portal for the communication with the outside world.


Thanks to the central planning system, the Ewals planners can now see in real-time what their colleagues are doing. For about 4,000 jobs per day, they can now collaborate more efficiently. That approach has a lot of advantages for Ewals' customers. Thanks to the extensive coordination via the planning system, Ewals can now combine different shipments for the same customer in an intelligent way. The prime beneficiary of that cost-efficiency is the customer, as Ewals is able to offer more competitive prices.