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ArcelorMittal is the world’s biggest steel producer. All critical production processes depend on a central data storage system. Because the existing storage platform lacked performance and was not geared towards the further growth of the group, ArcelorMittal called on Ordina to roll out Dell Compellent Enterprise. This new-generation platform takes capacity and performance to new heights.

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ArcelorMittal is the world’s biggest steel producer, with 60 sites in 27 different countries. The group was created in 2006 from the merger of Arcelor and Mittal Steel. Worldwide the steel giant employs around 260,000 people, and in our country there are sites in Ghent, Geel and Genk. 


ArcelorMittal’s production sites work around the clock. All critical production processes are supported by a single central computer system. Reliable, efficient and stable data storage is therefore an absolute must. Because the existing HP EVA system lacked the performance and capacity to cope with the further growth of the group, ArcelorMittal decided to invest in a new-generation platform.


In collaboration with Dell, Ordina rolled out Dell Compellent Enterprise as a central storage system. The system was developed to be completely redundant, spread over two ArcelorMittal data centres. Certified Dell Compellent engineers from Ordina were responsible for the design, installation and configuration. During the actual migration phase, the implementation team used the ThinImport functionality. This enabled the consultants to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.


Dell Compellent Enterprise uses the very latest technologies to take capacity and performance to new heights. Thus, the teams in the data centres can now decide themselves which data to store on fast disks and which on slower disks. Deduplication ensures that identical data are only ever saved once. The new storage system is also geared towards the further growth of the group. In short, with Dell Compellent Enterprise the data centres of ArcelorMittal are ready for the future.