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Margin reporting: the basis of sound business

The culture at laminate producer Balterio is very control-oriented. To get a company to perform optimally, you need an excellent understanding and management of the key drivers of business. At Balterio, those are calculating cost prices and selling prices to customers. The reliability of the budgeting is crucial.     The challenge: a flexible and efficient budgeting process and system.             The solution: cooperation with Ordina, a pragmatic approach, respect for the views and wishes of the end-users. With Microsoft SQL Server Database and Microsoft Excel as the front-end. The duration of the project was tight (3 months). Ordina worked pragmatically, on time and within budget.       The result: the application is exactly what the sales team needed. The SQL Server database also contains actual figures that can be compared with the budgets. Problem areas can be detected early and resolved. You find out information about growth areas, competitors, cash-flow and profit. The budgeting concept is sound technically and in terms of content. It can also be used for the monthly production forecast.

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