Since 1719, Bavaria's brewing vessels have been working non-stop. As the oldest brewery in the Netherlands, Bavaria follows its own course. Today Bavaria is one of the top three best-selling beers in the Netherlands. Besides lager, Bavaria produces a lot of specialized and non-alcoholic beers. More than 6 million hectolitres of Bavaria Beer are exported to over 110 countries.


In the 'EasyBeer' project, Bavaria continuously examines how it can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its processes. This includes requests from bars, cafés and restaurants to be able to serve Bavaria to their customers.The turnaround time from request to delivery took quite a long time. Bavaria had no central location for storage of customer data. The distributed information contributed to delay. A central and integrated system appeared essential.


Together with Ordina, Bavaria opted for the SAP CRM solution. The standard functionality of SAP was exactly what the brewery needed. Through two releases, the CRM system was implemented incrementally. In a first phase, the working methods of Bavaria sales reps. were improved by three features: account and contact management, territory management (demarcation) and activity management (visit reporting). Two months afterwards, quotation management and contract management were added.


For the sales reps. CRM works as a digital visiting card, with all the relevant customer data in their territory. The digital investment application (IVA) means they can also enter contracts with customers immediately.The digital diary enhances customer relationship management by reps. and managers. Visit appointments and reports give a clear insight into the history and future of (potential) customers.