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Better planning across all production lines

With three production lines, tight scheduling at Campine is essential. To improve allocation of people, machines and raw materials, Campine called in Ordina. The Proficy Scheduler APS solution now allocates resources more efficiently, customer questions are answered faster and planning errors have been significantly reduced.

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Campine in Beerse is a top player in the non-ferrous metals and plastics industry. The company has been in operation since 1912. Campine is set up in three business units. Campine contributes to the development of fire retardants by producing antimony trioxide. The company makes plastic packaging and enclosures. Finally Campine recycles lead from products including old batteries.


Allocating people and resources efficiently used to be a complex task at Campine. Planners did their job using Excel sheets, which meant that not everyone in the company had a clear view of the planning. This approach used to result in mistakes, too. Campine wanted a powerful planning tool to make its production more flexible, transparent and cost-efficient.  


Ordina built Proficy Scheduler, a user-friendly APS tool, for Campine. All Campine's specific requirements were included in the system during the development. Within two months after the deal, the implementation was complete. The planning tool was a simple, visually clear and affordable solution for Campine.


The various departments of Campine now monitor the planning in real time. Coloured markers in the system show what is scheduled for each production line. As a result, employees are allocated optimally, machines are working more efficiently and customer questions are answered faster. Planning errors have dwindled. Campine's Proficy Scheduler is also showing a lot of promise for the future. Via a link to the central SAP, the company's raw materials procurement will be under better control in future. New tools can also be integrated with the APS solution. So Campine intends to continue to fine-tune and optimize its planning.