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Trust is good, control is better

“In the late 'nineties, GC Corporation in Tokyo opted for SAP. That was a bit scary, because in those days SAP was mainly for large companies and multinationals. Yet we could also see benefits for GC Europe, such as integration with the systems in Japan. To succeed we needed a partner at our level, with a natural feeling for how things work in an SME.”

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  GC is one of the top five companies in the world, but virtually unknown to the general public. GC makes consumables for dentists and dental technicians, such as fillings, bonding materials, porcelain and plaster. GC Europe has a small production facility in Haasrode, but is mainly the Japanese group's distribution centre for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


Due to rapid expansion abroad, by the late ‘nineties, GC Corporation had outgrown its ERP system at the time. It began looking for a new system, which could change without jeopardising continuity. The company chose SAP. Shortly afterwards, GC Europe followed the example of its headquarters in Japan and also switched to SAP. As an SME, GC Europe was looking for a partner to assist it with the implementation. It was crucial to obtain high-quality support, with understanding of the scale and the specific nature of the business.


GC Europe deliberately chose to implement SAP in its purest form, without add-ons and without changes. The target was a stable, reliable system with as few glitches as possible. The SME team at Ordina worked closely with GC Europe from Day 1, and parameterized the environment to match their needs. Ordina provides the hosting and is involved in the incident and problem management. Ordina applies a lot of understanding of the business, and evaluates how GC Europe solves specific questions in SAP, and where necessary, we make adjustments.


GC Europe has more control thanks to Ordina: control over stocks and deliveries as well as over processes and responsibilities. The company is achieving more today than it did a decade ago with the same resources. GC Europe manages a wider range of products with fewer people. SAP enabled GC Europe to optimize its stock levels. The percentage of stock relative to sales decreased by 17%. Thanks to Ordina's rational approach, GC Europe also managed to cut its IT spending significantly, and saw its operating margin rise by 14.4%. The introduction of SAP led to greater employee involvement. It also led to an improved quality of service. Whereas GC Europe used to deliver 70 per cent of its orders on time, that percentage has risen now to 99 per cent. This quality service is an important competitive advantage in an economic downturn.