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Portal for customers and distributors

The new Komatsu portal site makes the most of the ADAM electronic catalogue. During this project Ordina devoted special attention to security and usability for distributors and customers.

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Komatsu is a Japanese manufacturer of construction and mining equipment. The company has a European network of distributors for the sale of spare parts for the European market. The European headquarters of the group is located in Vilvoorde (Belgium), where the warehouse for spare parts for Europe, Africa and Middle East is located.


Komatsu wanted to develop a new portal to support its dealer network. The site was intended to be the nerve centre of the sales channel for Komatsu spare parts and offer a user-friendly solution to both distributors and final customers. Security was the biggest challenge in this project. Distributors could not be allowed to see what other users were doing, and the confidential data in their back office system needed to be screened off from Komatsu.


For this project Ordina used the Enterprise Content Management System and the electronic catalogue of ADAM. In the system, each customer is assigned to a particular distributor. The portal is aware of that relationship via the extensive underlying data store with product and customer data. For example, if a customer needs a new cylinder and is looking for specific price information, the portal site retrieves it from the back office system of the right dealer. This gives the customer in question the specific sales terms and conditions of its distributor in the correct currency. Ordina persuaded Komatsu of the importance of an optimal user experience. Therefore it collaborated with Dutch company Clockwork, an Ordina subsidiary. Their contribution enabled the technical specialists to concentrate one hundred per cent on the technical and functional concept.


Komatsu set the bar very high for this project: it expected Ordina to come up with nothing less than an 'award-winning application’. Ordina, together with its Clockwork subsidiary, met these high expectations. Komatsu can now rely on a portal site combining exceptional functionality with consummate ease of use. Both distributors and customers are using the sales channel, which integrates their relationship into the underlying processes in a unique way.