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S95 audit with focus on ERP

Novy called upon Ordina to map out its production processes. A comprehensive S95 audit, with particular attention to ERP and MES systems, provided Novy with a clear picture of their business processes. Ordina proposed concrete improvement scenarios to Novy.

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Novy has a long history. In 2008, this Belgian manufacturer of quality extractor hoods celebrated its 100th anniversary. In 2013, Novy employs 150 people and is the undisputed market leader in Belgium. The manufacturing firm from Kuurne owes this position partly to its patented edge extraction technology and acoustic damping. Outside the country, Novy is known as an ambassador for Belgian quality and reliability.


In its search for process optimization, Novy contacted Ordina for a thorough audit. We analyze the information flows for production monitoring within the company by means of an S95 audit. The purpose of the audit is threefold: to produce an overall picture; to identify the risks, difficulties and areas for improvement; and develop proposals for solutions, ranging from quick wins to larger projects. An S95 audit uses the terminology and models from the international ANSI ISA-95 standard. For example, these demarcate the boundaries between ERP, MES and WMS functionality. S95 helps in the design and synchronization of these systems and makes the information on stocks and orders more up-to-date and reliable.


Ordina broadened the focus of the S95 study and also paid considerable attention to the functionality of the ERP system at Novy. With this unique approach, Ordina focused not only on the optimization of MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), but we also provided Novy with specific elements to optimize their ERP system.


Ordina put all of Novy's systems under the microscope, and proposed a number of concrete improvement scenarios. From an economic viewpoint, replacing the existing ERP system with SAP was the most sensible solution. The MES team worked closely with colleagues from the SAP cluster, this guaranteeing an integrated approach. The project gave Novy a clear understanding of their in-house business processes. With a new IT architecture, tailored to Novy's ambitions, the company can envisage the future with confidence.