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PAB Benelux

EDI integrated with SAP

PAB Benelux distributes long-life and fresh food in the Benelux, from brands like Blédina, Dextro, William Saurin, Maille, Panzani, Benecol, Tabasco, Ducros, Vahine and Zwan. Their clients are often large supermarket chains. They use EDI (or electronic data interchange) in just about all their commercial transactions, from orders to invoices. PAB used to work with a tool for receiving and sending EDI messages. It was not integrated with the SAP backbone. The manual processing of the order lines - often thousands per order - was time-consuming and was not error-free. Product launches or new customers sometimes require flexibility. That was just not possible.

Ordina implemented Seeburger, SAP Process Integration (PI) and the necessary EDI adapters for processing the messages. Order processing and the invoicing process now go much faster and more cost-effectively.  Adding a new customer is no longer a hassle. Errors in the communication process can be detected immediately. In other words: PAB's collaboration with business partners is much more efficient now. Moreover, they can add new products to their portfolio faster to ensure growth. The Ordina Infrastructure team also upgraded PAB's ICT environment.

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