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Tessenderlo Group

Efficient internal communication

Internal communication is vitally important for both small and large companies. With a view to restructuring and the launch of a new brand, Ordina supported Tessenderlo Group in setting up an innovative online internal communication portal.

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Tessenderlo Group is an international chemicals group with more than 7,000 employees and 100 sites spread across twenty countries worldwide. The group specializes in solutions for global needs in the areas of food, agriculture, water management and efficient use and reuse of natural resources. Tessenderlo Group is the market leader in most of its markets and mainly has customers in agriculture, industry, construction, health and consumer goods end-markets.


Before Tessenderlo Group called in Ordina, the company was working with an outdated communication portal. The communication manager was the only employee who provided content for this portal. The articles were only accessible to a small group of colleagues. Together with Ordina, Tessenderlo Group built an innovative communication platform for and by its employees.


Ordina proposed that Tessenderlo Group use a communication platform based on SharePoint 2010. The portal is seamlessly integrated with the Microsoft Office package. Documents can be easily and efficiently managed via SharePoint, and employees have comprehensive, efficient search options for the content.


The new communication portal allows Tessenderlo Group employees to disseminate news and information themselves. The homepage of the portal now shows news from all divisions, units, locations and communities. The content is not just articles in the strict sense of the term, but also documents, procedures and manuals. In a first phase, the portal is accessible to all clerical employees, and in the near future this will be extended to the entire workforce.