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Personalized "experience" in new ecosystems

Viewers are looking for "experiences”.  Complete ecosystems in the telecom and media landscape are evolving to constantly stimulate, enthrall and maintain these customer experiences. The exponential growth of digital, social and mobile channels is leading to new business models in which media companies need to adapt their services to a target audience who are looking through multiple channels at any given time and independently of their location for entertainment, information, services and products. Innovative applications (whether mobile or not) across multiple devices with personalised information will make the difference for the media sector. Digital Asset Management provides flexible and scalable platforms that offer solutions to media companies for managing and archiving media and marketing workflows in an intelligent, intuitive, safe and organized way. The increase in interactive, real-time information and broadcasting calls for a flexible planning solution that can handle the speed and complexity inherent in this change.  Advanced planning tools enable media companies to respond fast to last-minute changes and allocate personnel and assets efficiently. Ordina implements innovative, mobile and workable solutions for the media industry.

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