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Out with the dusty old filing cabinet!

Publisher Cascade is known for popular science magazines like Eos Magazine, Psyche & Brein, websites, newsletters and blog sites. Cascade used to store all forms of visual and text material in conventional archives. In folders by subject, often duplicated. In the absence of structured storage and efficient search capabilities, they risked losing out in the battle with the online media. Cascade invested in ADAM. A digital asset management solution.

Ordina implemented the ADAM software step by step. The users were involved in the project right from the analysis phase. Ordina converted the needs of people who make magazines and websites into a technical solution.

News and images are received in every imaginable format. The solution archives everything, is useable by everyone, for all channels. A photo special is ready in next to no time. Graphic designers have more time for creativity and collaborate more efficiently thanks to the central archive. The multimedia platform allows them to be creative and generate additional revenue. Falling advertising revenue can be offset, for example, by vacancies for scientific jobs in newsletters or websites.

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