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Resilience in times of economic downturn

Life Sciences companies have been involved for some time already in a period of changing political and economic climate. Prompted by changes in demographics, clinical pictures and new technologies on the one hand, and by globalization and increasing government regulation on the other. People still fall sick just as often, and need medicinal drugs. Nevertheless, the sector has not been left unscathed by the crisis. Government and the healthcare sector are having to cope with shrinking budgets. The blockbuster business model is under considerable pressure. Innovative and competitive business models are gaining ground.  Both for the operational and commercial business processes. Many pharmaceutical companies are cutting their costs, searching for innovative partnerships and focussing on efficient business processes. Ordina assists pharmaceutical, biotech and medical devices companies in coping with these challenges. Over 80 Ordina consultants are hard at work every day for our pharmaceutical and life sciences clients. They build state-of-the-art ICT solutions. They provide consultancy and technology solutions with the focus on your R&D processes, sales & marketing, your infrastructure and your supply chain.

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