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Optimal deployment of security personnel

In order to keep the passengers flowing smoothly through the security checks at Brussels airport, G4S decided to optimize the deployment of its security personnel. Ordina developed a planning tool and tested it successfully in a simulation environment. A fully-fledged solution will soon see the light of day.

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G4S is the global leader in security solutions for homes, businesses and public institutions. Since 2011, G4S has been responsible for the surveillance and security tasks at Brussels Airport. 800 employees ensure the safety of 17 million passengers and 450,000 tonnes of cargo annually.


Due to the economic downturn, the airline industry has been faced with lower passenger numbers, increased operating costs and the imperative of cost-cutting. Security policy is not immune from these challenges. The deployment of security personnel, for example, appears to be a difficult puzzle. The number of passengers checked at the various terminals varies from one moment to another. Each day there are three major peak times. G4S has to match its staff planning to those peaks Two issues needed a solution: queues could not be allowed to get too long, and unproductive working hours outside the peak periods needed to be avoided.


Ordina designed a special shift optimizer for G4S. This planning tool was tested in a simulation environment (proof of concept) for the airports of Brussels and Lyon. Different scenarios detected the optimal staffing level at the checkpoints, with a focus on short queues and a fast passenger flow.


The model was a success: Ordina was commissioned to develop a fully-fledged Airport Security Shift Optimizer linked to the personnel planning tool that Ordina previously implemented for G4S. With the optimized tool, G4S will also need to invest less time in planning, thus boosting its business efficiency.