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Flexible work scheduling in facility services

Ordina was commissioned by ISS Belgium to develop a solution for efficient scheduling of the work of 10,500 employees. The system combines the strengths of Quintiq and ePocket Handyman in a powerful total solution. Flexibility and efficiency simplify the work of planners, make the job of maintenance staff more pleasant and increase customer satisfaction.

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Danish multinational ISS operates in over 50 countries and has 500,000 employees. ISS is a leader in facility services in the areas of cleaning, catering, building maintenance, reception services, pest control and gardening. ISS is number one in the facility services in Belgium and Luxembourg. ISS Belgium and its 10,500 employees generated turnover of 438 million euro.


ISS Belgium has grown strongly in recent years. This caused a similar planning puzzle for different departments: how to assign people with the right skills to the right customers at the right time, efficiently and flexibly? Each department came up with its own solution. Usually planning was carried out on paper or with self-built Excel spreadsheets. The management wanted a sound and uniform approach, and decided to develop a total solution. The new system needed to provide sufficient flexibility to support specific functions in the various departments. Automation and standardization of planning, implementation and invoicing processes needed ultimately to lead to better service to customers.


Ordina developed a planning tool based on Quintiq for ISS Belgium. A mobile application, based on the ePocket Handyman, provides maximum support to workers in the field. The new system integrates seamlessly with the existing SAP environment. The project led to many changes in the organization of ISS Belgium, where carefully-considered change management was the key to success. A capacity plan now provides an annual overview of the availability of personnel, equipment/materials and vehicles. This plan maps out the forecast workload, based on current and new contracts. Based on the annual plan, planners draw up a monthly and weekly schedule for each employee. The weekly schedule can be updated daily, to reflect new requests or absences. Every employee can connect to the planners using a mobile device. With this device, they record the progress of their work, changes in schedule or the equipment used by them.


An integrated planning tool added value for ISS Belgium in several respects. It not only enables them to work cost-efficiently, but also led to greater customer satisfaction. The new system was welcomed by the company's workforce. By saving time, shorter lines of command and continuous monitoring, they share the benefits every day. Ordina's approach increased operational efficiency and transparency. It comes as no surprise that other subsidiaries including ISS France are interested in the new system.