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NMBS/SNCB Belgian National Railways

ICT for Rail: a strategic cornerstone

ICTRA - ICT for Rail is the shared services department of the NMBS/SNCB Group. It has about a thousand in-house and six hundred external employees. The market is forcing rail companies to innovate. ICT is a strategic cornerstone.   Business Continuity is the number one priority. Continuity is intimately tied to the software lifecycle. Knowledge of strategic applications and medium or long-term projects is kept in-house. Therefore most external employees are involved in the development phase of solutions.

It is no easy matter to make thousands of trains run on time and in complete safety, properly managed with customer-centric services. It requires major investments. And provides unique challenges for ICT.

ICTRA has a permanent requirement for experts. The Ordina consultants have already demonstrated their skills in different fields. They include SAP, with projects in business intelligence, integration via SAP PI and infrastructure support. This client often uses projects which apply new Microsoft technology, such as the interactive training application for train drivers.

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