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Integrated planning for global player

TNT Express brought in Ordina to support the global roll-out of a planning tool based on Quintiq. The aim was to provide all 4,000 distribution centres with the same systems. The successful implementation consolidated TNT Express's position as a leading B2B courier service worldwide.

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TNT is a market leader in the field of B2B courier services in Europe. 75,000 employees handle 4.4 million parcels, documents and pallets weekly in 220 countries worldwide. In addition to its traditional services, TNT Express is also developing services tailored to individual customers. TNT Express has the densest road and air network for door-to-door express deliveries within Europe. But TNT is also investing heavily in expanding its own networks to and in emerging markets.


TNT Express developed a Quintiq-based planning tool to coordinate the collection and delivery of parcels. In 2010, 150 different distribution centres were making use of this new platform. The global roll-out to all 4,000 distribution centres faced TNT Express with a huge challenge in terms of planning, training and support.


TNT Express brought in Ordina in 2010 to assist them with the global implementation of their planning tool. A team consisting of a Solution Architect and two Quintiq specialists worked closely with the development team of TNT Express for eighteen months.


The global roll-out of the new planning tool became reality at the end of 2011. All 4,000 TNT Express distribution centres are now working with the same processes and on a common platform. The process brought to light specific expectations and needs of end-users, depending on the location. Ordina was jointly responsible for meeting these needs. With an integrated approach, we created a consistent implementation of these solutions throughout the entire system.