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Workable solutions and innovation

Ultra-fast deployment of 4G networks and social media adaptation are key features of 2013. In addition, the battle for the living room is in full swing, and you can now get interactive TV, watch TV on your tablet and have quadplay from various providers. Innovative applications across multiple devices with personalized content will make the difference for telecom operators. Applications where the customer is on-line all the time, and can consult and edit data and settings via e-services will have an important role to play. Trends like machine2machine, augmented reality, context-aware computing, geofencing, cloud offerings, mobile device management and mobile payment constitute major challenges for the telco world. Ordina has the necessary expertise to support telcos in taking up these challenges. Themes such as big data, customer experience and security are crucial for the success of these services, which may or may not be cloud-based. Complete ecosystems are evolving in the telecom domain so as to retain the customer experience. Exciting, tieing-in and retaining customers is key for all players in this market. Ordina provides advice, knowledge and workable solutions for the telecom sector. Telecom is an essential sector for Ordina.

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